Eucalyptus Oil

Benefits Of Eucalyptus Oil For Hair

Those who are looking at the different benefits of eucalyptus oil, this oil has medicinal value that comes to use in different ways. For the human health such as for skin and scalp problems, this oil can offer several benefits. This oil can help strengthen hair follicles, which in turn improve overall hair health and shine. When the scalp is inflamed or itchy, it can help to calm down such conditions and bring relief. The oil is known to have several antifungal properties. Hence, it can be used to keep off infection of the scalp, prevent clogging of pores on the scalp and prevent residue build up. However, as it is a powerful oil, it is to be used only in limited amount. If one sources eucalyptus oil as an essential oil, it should be used under proper instructions and only a few drops at a time. If used in excess it can lead to damage to the hair roots and leave behind a greasy feel.

Stimulates hair follicles

This is one of the main benefits of eucalyptus oil for the scalp. It is said to help stimulate hair growth as it can stimulate the follicles that remain embedded in the scalp. Hence gentle stimulation with such oil in measured amounts on the scalp can help promote blood flow as well as expand the follicles and allow nutrition to the hair follicles. When this is done daily, it will help to stimulate hair growth and also ensure stronger hair as the nutrient flow to the hair roots is strengthened.

Hair health is better

Not only will eucalyptus oil massage for the head, scalp help stimulate hair follicles to grow that are embedded in the scalp, it would also promote strength and growth of hair in general. Hence those who use the oil in the right measure and with regularity will see the thickness and shine of their hair health. However, the oil should not be left on the scalp for long. Hence, after it is applied, it should be washed off from the scalp.

Scalp care

There arise several problems of the scalp such as dry scalp, mild psoriasis and so forth. Such conditions often lead to scalp becoming red and itchy and it begins to flake. This can cause dry skin or dandruff. All such conditions are healed to a large extent by applying eucalyptus oil. This oil has antifungal and antiseptic properties which help relieve such conditions.

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