Reasons Why Every Home Needs To Stock A Bottle Of Eucalyptus Oil

The benefits of using eucalyptus oil are many. This is a natural medicine that helps in treating a lot of ailments and infections. It is one of the best medicines to use for cold and headache. The deep smell of the eucalyptus oil reduces fever, cures fungal infections and also heals wounds. It is also a disinfectant and can keep insects and pesticides away. The use of eucalyptus oil is very common in many of the present-day medicines. The oil is very useful for chest rubs and is used in many of the over a counter cough and cold medications.

The following are the reasons why you need to have one bottle of eucalyptus oil in your home.

  •         Decongestant

If you are suffering from sinus congestion, then eucalyptus oil is a miracle medicine. Add a few drops of the oil in hot water and inhale the steam. Repeat this step two to three times a day to get good results. Applying the oil topically to your chest will help in getting rid of chest congestion and other upper respiratory problems.

  •         Muscle pain reliever

The eucalyptus oil is used in many of the natural pain balms and lotions you buy in the market. Applying the oil directly to the joints and the muscles where you feel pain will help in getting rid of the pain. It will soothe the joints and the muscles and you will feel less pain with two to three applications.

  •         Disinfectant

The eucalyptus oil has anti-microbial properties. It helps in preventing the viral and bacterial infections from spreading. This is why you see homeowners using eucalyptus oil as the cleaning liquid to mop their floors. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to castile soap will turn it into a natural disinfecting liquid.

  •         Reduces cough symptoms

The main ingredient of the eucalyptus oil is Eucalyptol. It helps in keeping the cold at bay. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a steam inhaler and carrying out steam inhalation is very good to loosen the mucus in your nose. This way you can remove the mucus from your nose easily and clear nose blockage. Rubbing the oil on your chest during the night helps you to get a good night’s sleep.

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